EmSculpt Neo

If we were to tell you that we offer a service that not only eliminates fat cells from your body, but also tightens, tones and builds muscle, you’d be all in, right? We are so proud and happy to offer all our clients EmSculpt Neo, the latest and greatest technology on the market for body sculpting! 


EmSculpt Neo uses a simultaneous, patented duo technology that treats both fat and muscles at the same time (on average 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle growth; which is more than any other body sculpting treatment on the market)! EmSculpt Neo uses a HIFEM+ technology with RF (sounding a little like jibberish? Let us explain). HIFEM+ Technology stands for High Intensive Focused Electro Magnetic Energies and RF is Radio Frequency. This really allows our clients to get these treatments done at one time and eliminates longer treatment times. You might be asking yourself, ‘Okay Skinfinity, but do I have to spend my entire day at this treatment?’ Not at all, this is a quick in-and-out treatment at only 30 minutes with absolutely no muscle soreness; a no-brainer, right? We’d love to see you come in for a series of four treatments spaced one week apart (you can absolutely do six treatments but we’re guessing after four you’ll be amazed) and come back again once per quarter for maintenance. Why maintenance?  This treatment is not just eliminating fat, but it’s building muscle, and we don’t just go to the gym once and stop, we have to keep going for those results to stay put, same thing here! As we age, we start to see collagen production and metabolism slow down so these maintenance treatments will be imperative to keep tight, toned muscles. 


So, how does it work? Our amazing staff will hook you up which is very comfortable with paddles (some for larger areas and some for smaller areas; think, front, back, and inner thighs, abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and a new handpiece for the love handle area). Then, the machine will monitor your body temperature in a safe and effective way and start to kill off fat cells at 42-45 degrees Celsius; these fat cells will not come back (fun fact – you are born and die with the same number of fat cells, the only thing that changes is the size of them). Then, they are broken down and flushed out via the body’s lymphatic system – this is a permanent reduction and we’re all about long-lasting effects. Of course, we will want you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and drink plenty of water as this will be key in recovery and properly flushing the cells from your body; in fact, we will have you track your ounces to ensure we get proper elimination. 


EmSculpt Neo is the first and only device on the market that’s FDA cleared to treat subcutaneous fat and visceral fat; the latter is a fat that lies deep in the tissue and is harder (you’ll see this mostly on men, typically in the gut) whereas subcutaneous fat is the squishier fat and is much softer. Most other devices on the market are only made to treat subcutaneous fat (didn’t think you’d read this blog and get a lesson in anatomy did ya?). It’s also FDA-cleared for treating Diastasis Recti, a common issue caused by pregnancy in which the abdomen wall separates and is hard to repair (praise mamas)! 


When it comes to the muscle stimulation part of this treatment, studies have shown a 25% improvement in muscle and muscle building with a 7% improvement in brand new muscle fibers. By building new muscle fibers this is telling us that we are not only toning and tightening the muscle that’s already there, but we’re building new muscle too! We all know without this treatment the only way to build muscle is to go lift weights and build muscle. When we’re at the gym, our bodies are only using 30% of our muscle capacity – our treatment uses 100% of our muscle capacity and works all three levels of the muscle for max build because it uses 100% of the muscle’s fibers. Typically, when we work out, we will absolutely burn out on reps and physically won’t be able to do another at some point (if you work out, you feel us on this; the term ‘burnout’ is real) – with EmSculpt Neo, you are doing the equivalent of 20,000 – 30,000 reps of whatever area you’re focusing on. The machine has a high-tech tapping sensation that is literally tapping the lactic acid out of your body as it builds muscle; the heat tech burns the fat and the muscle tech is building the muscle – pretty wild right? We do have the capability to turn the fat-burning portion off as well for areas like the buttocks and biceps to simply firm them and not necessarily get rid of any fat. 


We’ve had so many reports of improvement in performance in several different professions, such as golfers that have improved golf swings, yogis that can hold or get into more challenging poses, or resistance trainers that can lift heavier than before. 


All-in-all, this treatment is the greatest ever and we’re so happy to offer it. If you’ve read through this whole blog and have wide eyes and excitement brewing, give us a call and schedule a consultation. We’ll go over every part of the process in detail and get a custom treatment set up for you!