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Debunking Common Skin Treatments

Debunking Common Skin Treatments

So you’ve been thinking about injections but you’re terrified of looking like the third member of Alvin and the Chipmunks, are we right? Today, we’re so excited to be debunking a few common myths about common skin treatments, and we want to start with injections. 

Skin Treatments Myth 1: Injections Make You Look Fake

If you’ve ever thought this, you’re not alone! So many of our clients come in and are worried they’ll look fake or plastic. This is largely in part to Hollywood’s perception of injections and the actors/actresses who have very obviously ‘had work done’. The great news is that most of Hollywood has had work done, but you’d never know it because they had professional injectors who did the work correctly. It’s so common for us to have clients say, “I want to get my lips done but I’m so scared of them looking unnatural,” or, “I’ve never had my cheeks done because I don’t want to look like a chipmunk,” or “I don’t want Botox because I don’t want my face to look frozen,”. We get it, it’s a common fear but let’s address it head on. Injections are intended to replace bone loss, collagen loss and volume loss because as we age (even if we’re only 30 years old) that gravitational pull starts to take effect; that once perfect V-shaped face is now losing volume, our cheekbones and brows don’t look as high, our lips aren’t as full, our crow’s feet and lines in our forehead start to show up, we’re starting to see those nasal labial folds increase, our chin looks different and our face shape is turning from a V to an A….it’s a lot! The great news though, is that these injections will replace those in a very natural way. Our product will eventually dissolve out of the body but what’s even more amazing is that it will stimulate your body to re-create its own collagen – it works with your body, not against. 

The lips are our most requested site for injections, and this doesn’t need to look unnatural; wanting volume in this area is completely fine! We typically shoot for only 1 syringe of product which is subtle enough for people to know you look a tad different, but they aren’t sure why; it looks very natural. We’ll have clients come in a little scared of their lips looking fake and will receive ½ syringe – more than likely they will come back a few weeks later and get the other ½ for more volume. When you see someone who has had filler and their lips look much larger than normal, more than likely it’s because she already had full lips to begin with and added to them, and that’s okay! Sometimes though, women will do several syringes, we’re talking 4-7 depending on how much their lips can hold and come in over the course of several months. Obviously, this starts to look very unnatural and takes quite a bit of product; it’s more on the extreme side of what we do. Every injection we do is based on customization and we can guide you to the perfect amount for your lip and face shape. 

Also, injection is an art. Really. It’s not something you just get credentials for and hope for the best. You must have an eye for placement, individual needs, which product to use, technique and how to create a flawless look. We love to give this example: we all know what it takes to paint a picture right? But we don’t just pick up a paintbrush, dip it into some paint and create a flawless masterpiece. You must have an eye for that. Injections are not meant to look fake or plastic, they are meant to give back your youthful appearance and leave you feeling just as amazing as you are. 

Skin Treatments Myth 2: All Skincare is Created Equal

This is one we love debunking because it gives us an opportunity for some quality education. Let’s say you run to the drugstore and see a product claiming to have Hyaluronic Acid, or Salicylic Acid or even Vitamin C. That doesn’t mean it’s good product. A lot of times, these companies will focus in on buzz words or key words people want more of (Hyaluronic Acid being one of them) and will use it in all their marketing campaigns – why? They know people are getting informed and want these products in their skincare. Unfortunately, they aren’t all created equal. Typically, when you see a product in a Med Spa or with a higher price tag, it’s because it’s quality product. Mind blowing right? You cannot create a quality product with quality ingredients at no cost, you just can’t. A lot goes into a product to make it effective and safe; for example, Hyaluronic Acid comes in various forms and is derived in many ways so just because the bottle at the drugstore says it has this ingredient doesn’t mean it’s in the right form. That’s why so many people get frustrated and claim skincare isn’t for them, because they don’t see results and blame it on the ingredients when in fact, they aren’t getting the right ingredient at all. The same thing goes with Vitamin C. The formulation of these ingredients might not even have the correct percentages of use, for example the intended use for an ingredient could be 10% but you’re getting .5% in that product. Let’s say you grab product from a department store with a higher price tag, don’t be tricked into paying for the packaging! A lot of times all the profit or a good majority of it goes into the marketing of that product verses the technology and ingredient formulations; be aware and cautious! On the contrary, anytime you see products in a med spa, you know there were clinical trials from third party testers; anyone can say anything about their own product, but third parties will get into the weeds and determine how the product works. For example, the molecule sizes in your product might not be able to penetrate your skins barrier, and this comes down to science. Our testers look at molecular structure and whether it’s too large to physically penetrate your skin. Does it need to be micronized or solubilized? 

There is patented technology that involves encapsulation as well; meaning the product will be applied to the skin and once it seeps in, it releases the product. Here at Skinfinity we will tell you exactly what you need and guide you through the entire skincare process. We have clients who also need things super simple, like our men or travelers, and we do that as well. We’ll show you when to use it, how to use it, how much to use and everything in between. We’ll write it out and make it super clean and easy too! We are so passionate and educated about this and are continually being educated across our entire staffing panel. We’re always up to date on the latest technology being used as well as products that will be the most beneficial for you. 

Skin Treatments Myth 3: Cystic Acne Needs Medication

Do you (or have you ever) struggled with cystic acne? Or any acne for that matter? It’s so common (in fact, 80% of Americans have struggled with this at some point in their life) and we’re here to tell you that no, the answer isn’t always medication. Let’s chat. How many times have we heard, “well let’s get you on Acutane”, or “let’s get you to the dermatologist to get you on acne medication”! If you have acne, you’ve probably heard this. Let us premise this by saying that we love dermatologists, they are amazing at what they do, and they are super needed! When it comes to acne though, let’s talk options. At Skinfinity, we have a customized signature acne treatment series we perform, and it’s proven tried and true on several different types of skin, different grades of acne, males and females and pigmentations. We address the skin on various levels and get to the root cause; internally and externally. We talk at-home skincare as well as in-office regimens to help you feel 100% confident with your skin. 

There are so many trending “solutions” online where you try them and get frustrated because it was supposed to work but didn’t. Here, we’ll make sure you’re on the right high-end medical grade skincare products that are formulated and studied so deeply with lots of various clinical trials behind them too. We are so proud of these products and their incredible delivery technology from the brilliant scientists and doctors who create them. Give us a call to schedule your consultation! 

Was there a myth debunked today that really surprised you? Are you feeling less nervous and ready to take on your skin? We’re ready for you!