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Chemical Peels: What You Need To Know

Chemical Peels: What You Need To Know

When you hear the word ‘chemical peel’ does your mind instantly go to pain, redness and flaking? Let’s talk about the wide world of chemical peels and how maybe what you thought, isn’t necessarily how it is (anymore). Back in the day, chemical peels were thought to be something that burned your skin off and were incredibly painful. It was something where if you did go through the brutal process of getting one, you couldn’t go outside for a month and didn’t want to show your face to anyone. Luckily, technology has come a long way since ‘back in the day’. 

Today, we can achieve amazing results with everything from light peels to medium peels and we no longer do those really deep, intense peels. After studying them for quite some time, it was found that deep peels are less effective because of how traumatizing they are to the skin. Makes sense, right? Instead of your skin healing, it’s shaking its head at your wondering what the heck just happened. The recovery time was long, and they were usually only able to be performed at a doctor’s office. They do still exist, however at Skinfinity, we want to provide you with the best, most effective service all while being incredibly comfortable. We’ve found that we can avoid intense trauma to the skin and create a better result with lighter treatments and less downtime because of the body’s healing response.

We have a wide range of peels that we work with and are proud of; our medium peel still has a little downtime (maybe a week) but will give you incredible results when it comes to deeper pigmentation. They are the deepest peel we offer here at Skinfinity; with these, you’ll see more peeling (which most people really enjoy) and we’ll send you home with kits to finish the process at home. Our VIPeel is the most popular in the country for dermatologists and surgeons and you’ll finish this off at home with Retinol pads. These pads will produce ever better results for mild to deep pigmentation, acne, texture and aging and you’ll feel good knowing you’re continuing the process on your own. These medium depth peels will target incredibly deep pigments, so those with melasma with skin types 4 and 5 who have struggled with other treatments will really enjoy the results of this peel. We also offer a Cosma Line that provides amazing results with only 1 or 2 treatments; this company has lots of exciting and fun technology where we’re able to provide results around the eyes, on parts of the body, for acne, for men specifically and lots more – the results are phenomenal! 

Our lighter peels are great as well and can still achieve results with pigmentation and acne, but our team of experts would need to evaluate your skin type, concern, age and any former treatments you’ve received to be able to tell you exactly what will serve you best. Our light peels will usually produce mild flaking where you won’t see a ton of that physical turnover (shedding old skin cells and bringing new cells to the surface), but it will still be working and producing results on a cellular level. Science is fun! We also offer a lighter peel in our PCA line which has great technologyl; you’ll still see that nice glow and tightening effect with little to no peeling. 

In short, we have a wide variety of options that will work for you; we can even add this service onto another, such as Microneedling treatment or an oxygenating facial (we like to call those our ‘cocktails’ and we offer a variety of combinations). We can even apply this to the chest, back, hands, or neck for tightening via peels. Give us a call this week and let’s chat about what will serve you best and achieve the look you’ve always wanted. We’ll explain all options and what you’re the best candidate for and send you home with informative and helpful instructions as well; you got this!